TRANE® air conditioner model xl 1 8i a/c

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XR16 Outdoor

Trane XR16 Outdoor air conditioner


The Outdoor Units are fully charged from the factory for up to 15 feet of piping. The unit is designed to operate at outdoor ambient temperatures as high as 115°F. Cooling capacities are matches with a a wide selection of air handlers and furnace coils that are AHRI certified. The unit is certified to UL 1995. Exterior is designed for outdoor application. 


Unit casing is constructed of heavy gauge, galvanized steel and painted with a weather-resistant powder paint finish. The corner panels are prepainted. All panels are subjected to our 1,000 hour salt spray test.

Refrigerant Controls

Refrigeration system controls include condenser fan, compressor contactor and low and high pressure switches. A factory supplied, field installed liquid line drier is standard.


The compressor features internal over temperature and pressure protection. Other features include: Centrifugal oil pump and low vibration and noise.

Condenser Coil

The aluminum plate fin, copper tube outdoor coil provides low airflow resistance and efficient heat transfer. The coil is protected with a corrosion resistant mesh coil guard.

Low Ambient Cooling

As manufactured, this system has a cooling capacity to 55°F. The addition of an evaporator defrost control permits operation to 40°F. The addition of an evaporator defrost control with TXV permits low ambient cooling to 30°F.
The addition of the BAYLOAM107A low ambient kit permits ambient cooling to 20°F.


Cooling only and heat/cooling (manual and automatic change over). Sub-base to match thermostat and locking thermostat cover.