Top Ten Energy Saving Tips for the Summer

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1. Keeping the Blinds Closed

Keeping your blinds closed during the summer can help keep your home cooler, by not allowing the hot sun to shine in and raise the temperature inside. To further improve on this tip, you can get thicker or darker colored blinds to reduce even more of the heat that can come in through the windows.

2. Weather Strip Doors and Windows

Weatherstripping all the exterior doors and windows will create a better seal on the areas that can leak the cold air that your A/C unit is generating. By sealing these points off the A/C unit won't have to work as hard and therefore will use less energy.

3. Opening Windows at Night

By leaving your windows open at night, the cool air will keep your home cool enough to shut off the a/c during the night. By not having the A/C running at night this will cut down on your electricity bill.


4. Do Laundry Later in the Day

Doing laundry later in the day will keep your home cooler, because the washer and dryer generate heat. During the day, the A/C unit will have a harder time fighting the heat being generated within the home. However, at night since its cooler out, it would take less energy to keep the home cool.


5. Try to Grill Out Rather than Cook Inside

By grilling out instead of using the oven or stove top inside the house you will be keeping the heat that would be generated by cooking out of the house. Keeping the cooking heat outside will keep the A/C from needing to work harder and save on the electricity needed to retain the temperature inside.


6. Change A/C Filters Regularly 

Changing the filters on the A/C unit regularly is important to keeping the unit running as efficiently as it can. If there is an overly dirty A/C filter being used it will limit the unit and it will have a harder time cooling off the house. Having a newer filter in the A/C unit will also keep the air in your home cleaner as an added bonus.


7. Leave Doors Open Within the House

Leaving as many doors as possible open within the house will create good airflow within the house and stop warm pockets from forming in rooms around the house. Reducing warm pockets within the house is easier on the A/C unit because it's not constantly fighting to run only in certain rooms while the others are already to the correct temperature.


8. Regularly Maintain Your A/C Unit

Keeping up with regular maintenance on an A/C unit will help it continue to run at the best possible efficiency that it can. When a unit is running the best that it can it will be cooling better and be using less electricity so it will cost less to run the A/C.


9. Raise Thermostat by 1-3 degrees

Raising the temperature of your house by 1-3 degrees is also another way to help save money on your bill. A difference of 1-3 degrees is a difference that you may not even notice, and if so you will get use to the temperature change within a few days.


10. Utilize Fans Throughout the House

Using fans is also a good way to keep your home cooler and save money on electricity. It's also a good idea to set ceiling fans to blow air downwards, this will force the hot air downward and mix it with the cooler air.  


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