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S9V2 Furnace - Gas 2 Stage

TRANE® S9V2 furnace gas 2 stage

General Features

Natural Gas Models

Central Heating furnace designs are certified by the American Gas Association for both natural and L.P. gas. Limit setting and rating data were established and approved under standard rating conditions using American National Standards Institute standards.

Safe Operation

The Integrated System Control is a solid state device which continuously monitors for presence of flame when the system is in the heating mode of operation. Dual solenoid combination gas valve and regulator provide additional safety.

Quick Heating

Durable, cycle tested, heavy gauge tubular stainless steel primary heat exchanger quickly transfers heat to provide warm conditioned air to the structure. Low energy power vent blower, to increase efficiency and provide a positive discharge of gas fumes to the outside.


Multiport Inshot burners will give years of quiet and efficient service. All models can be converted to L.P. gas with LP conversion kit.

Integrated System Control

Exclusively designed operational program provides total control of furnace limit sensors, blowers, gas valve, flame control and includes self diagnostics for ease of service. Also contains dry contacts for EAC and HUM.

Energy Efficient Operation

Furnace is certified by the manufacturer to leak 1% or less of nominal air conditioning CFM delivered when pressurized to .5" water column with all inlets, outlets, and drains sealed.

Air Delivery

The variable speed blower motor has sufficient airflow for most heating and cooling requirements and will switch from heating to cooling speeds on demand from room thermostat.

Secondary Heat Exchanger

The S-Series furnace has a special type 29- 4CTM stainless steel secondary heat exchanger to reclaim heat from flue gases which would normally be lost.


Heavy gauge steel and "wrap-around" cabinet construction is used in the cabinet with baked-on enamel finish for strength and beauty. Every orientation has at least two venting options. There are no knockouts on cabinet.

Features and General Operation

The S-Series furnace utilizes a Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition system, which eliminates the waste of a constant burning pilot. The integrated system control lights the main burners upon a demand for heat from the room thermostat. Complete front service access.
a. Low energy power venter
b. Vent proving pressure switches.

Features and Benefits

96.0% AFUE Across All Models

Meets utility rebates
Lowers utility bills

Electrically Efficient

Efficient airflow design reduces electrical energy use

34 Inch Tall

Lighter, easier to move and fit into tight spaces like short basements or tight closets

Works great with larger, high-efficiency coils
No knockouts

3-Way Multi-Poise / Dedicated Downflow

9 SKU’s — Upflow / Horizontal Left / Horizontal Right
7 SKU’s — Downflow
Added application flexibility and reduction in specification errors


At least 400 CFM/ton at 0.5 in. H20 external static pressure; setup airflow options down to 290 CFM/ton


All models are air tight; 1% or less air leakage as per ASHRAE 193
Open vestibule design provides a full 34” high open vestibule


Widths are industry standard: 17.5”, 21”, and 24.5”
Depth remains approximately 28”
Cabinet will be compatible with industry standard coils, as well as, other accessories

Integrated Furnace Control

Setup / Status / Diagnostics / Digital Display
No dip switches
Last six errors stored
Dry contact EAC and HUM connections

All Molex connections; no spade terminals
Low voltage labeled above and below
Rain shield over IFC keeps condensate off the control

Tubular Stainless Steel Primary Heat Exchanger 29-4C Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger

Stainless steel is a more durable, corrosive-resistant material than aluminumized steel
Integrated rail system for easy access if required
Reduces or eliminates need for baffles

Vortica II Blower, Designed Exclusively for the S-Series Furnace

Improved airflow efficiency
Durable, easy to clean, two piece housing
Single piece belly band/ motor arm assembly
Blower deck has full-length rails for easy removal and replacement, regardless of poise