TRANE® air conditioner model xl 1 8i a/c

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TRANE® Ductless Furnace Console Indoor


The Console type air handler shall by completely factory assembles including coil, condensate drain pan, fan motor, washable filter and electric controls to be used with a remote controller. Unit shall be matched with a Trane outdoor unit, rated and tested in accordance with AHRI standard. Unit shall be ETL listed. 

Unit Casing

Casing shall be provided with drain hose to facilitate piping and electrical connection on the right side of the unit. An electrical service cover shall be provided to permit easy access to the electrical terminal strip. 

Discharge Airflow and Distribution System

Unit shall have auto swing, dual horizontal blades to optimize the aperture outlet for vertical airflow and air distribution. Blade shall close automatically when the air conditioner is turned off to minimize dust entering the unit. Five-Step preset program on the remote controller shall be available to control the blade angle.

Manually adjust wide-angle louvers shall be provided to adjust the coverage and direction of airflow. 


Units shall have the capability to be controlled remotely. 

Remote Controller

The unit shall have a wireless infrared remote controller with easy reading digital display panel to start, stop and regulate the air conditioner from a distance. The wireless controller is available for all units. (Sold separately)

Washable Filteration

The unit shall have an easy clean, washable filter which allows for cleaning when needed. Clean filters provide optimum efficiency and fresh air into the room.